St. Paul the Apostle
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St. Paul the Apostle Church here in Tintagel is  a Mission Church within the Parish of Bodmin, the Deanery of Cornwall and the Diocese of Plymouth , England.
The church is dedicated to St Paul whose apostolate was his missionary work. He was also one of the main characters to spread and develop early Christianity.  The Mission of Tintagel, like so many others in Cornwall, was founded by the Canons Regular of the Lateran from Bodmin. The Church of St Paul the Apostle was built in 1968.   Of particular interest in the modern building is the Cornish serpentine statue of the Blessed Virgin, Stations of the Cross carved locally,the stained glass made by the monks of Buckfast.
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Our Bishop Christopher invited us to adopt this VISION OF OUR MISSION:

In order that the Gospel may be lived and preached effectively we pledge ourselves, before Our Lord in the World and in co-operation with all other Christians, to be the Good News of the Kingdom in person, word and action.

We will become more fully:
  • A CELEBRATING CHURCH – Expressing what we believe in our worship, engaging with the gift of liturgy, and allowing ourselves to be renewed in it
  • A CARING CHURCH – Seeking to understand the sufferings of those around us, reaching out and being Christ to one another, and serving the world
  • A LEARNING CHURCH – Deepening our understanding of our faith, humbling ourselves to learn from Our Lord and each other, and discovering our true nature as the Body of Christ
  • A LIVING CHURCH – Empowering all around us with the presence and joy of the Holy Spirit, proclaiming Christ to the world, and being faithful to our mission.
“The Spirit of the lord has been given to me, for he has anointed me. He has sent me to give news to the poor, to proclaim liberty for captives and to the blind new sight, to set the downtrodden free, to proclaim the Lord’s year of favour” Luke 4: 8-9

We would like to THANK all visitors to this site who have made it so popular. This website, we hope, encourages not only those of our own Mission but visitors to Tintagel and this site, to consider how we live and promote the Gospel of Christ. Please keep us in your PRAYERS and send us your COMMENTS and IDEAS for improvement of our spiritual life and/or our website.

Miscarriage & Infant Loss Memorial Book Ministry

Our Miscarriage & Infant Loss Memorial Book Ministry is administered from Füssen, Bavaria, Deutschland. The Memorial Book is still placed on the altar at all Masses celebrated in Tintagel. Unfortunately, the online book is now closed - for more information click here.


There’s a certain way of making sure St. Paul’s remains open. Everyone needs to come and pray and hear Mass more often! If every local Catholic did this, the question would never arise.

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