St. Paul the Apostle
Catholic Church

Messages Received (to 12th August) on the Occasion of
Fr. Bryan Storey’s Funeral, 9th August 2018.

Via website:

“...he will be missed so much. Rest in peace, my friend. You have earned your rest.”

Via SMS:

“...Fr. Bryan has gone to his reward.  Well done good & faithful servant.  May he rest in peace.  I’ve put him in the parish bidding prayers.”

“...I shall always hold dear the memory of his smile and blessing despite his frailty...I will be praying for Father Bryan and you I have been throughout.”


“...He was a very spiritual and holy priest and will be sadly missed by his congregation and those of us who knew him...I...will remember him in my prayers.“

“We share your grief in the sad passing of dear Father Bryan, who was a most wonderful & saintly man...We will most definitely find a church to hear Mass or say a prayer for his dear soul, and for all of you in your loss.”


“...My condolences for the death of our dear Fr. Bryan...May he rest in peace...In Domino..”

“...I shall be thinking of everyone at Fr. Bryan's Mass on the 9th & shall light candles...may Fr. Bryan " Rest in Peace. " I'm sure his spirit will help all of us wherever we reside...”

“...I will be with you in my prayers.”

“...I am deeply grieved about the departure of Fr. Bryan, but also grateful to God for his saintly life dedicated to God...Many good memories come back to my mind about Fr. Bryan...I am grateful to God for all the good conversations and confessions I had with him...I hope you and the Tintagel community will be consoled and he will intercede for many graces for us who continue our earthly journey.”

“We are so sad to hear that your beautiful Priest and close friend has died. May God enfold him in His arms and shower blessings on him and all at St Paul’s who loved and served him so well and for such a long time. What a star he was and so inspirational...[We] admired and respected him so deeply. We too will mourn his loss and miss his presence in our lives...we will pray for him wherever we are.“

“…so sorry that he has now left us and gone to be with his Lord. I know he will be deeply missed in Tintagel as he was so much a living active part of the community reflecting to all God’s love for his creation.”

“...It is all over. Our sorrow, of course, translates into eternal joy for him. However Fr. Bryan was a very sensitive person and is surely aware of our bereavement, too.”

“...he will now be at peace and no more suffering.”

From the Visitors’ Book, St. Paul:

“With love, blessings & prayers for Father Bryan.”

“...May his soul rest in peace.”

“...Farewell dear Fr. Bryan.”

“...R.I.P. Father.”

“...Farewell dear Father Storey. You were a wonderful friend & support for many years.”

“...God love you, Father Bryan.”

“...Lovely man.”

“...Bryan Storey R.I.P.”

In addition, many others celebrated Masses or had Masses celebrated for Fr. Storey or attended services, ensured he was remembered in parish newsletters or prayed for him, some without leaving a written record.

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